The Rage Warehouse is about when I worked at MIT and would travel to Boston before work to chant NamMyoHoRengeKyo with the other Buddhists before work.  Returning on Massachusetts Avenue I noticed that the storage warehouse across from MIT’s main entrance had its sign partially occluded and the result looked like “rage warehouse” which seemed a funny concept in light of the rages that sometimes percolated in the area.  The Media Lab where I worked is the subject of very public consternation currently on account of their having taken money from a known rapist.  I remember having a long and not very satisfying conversation with my boss at the time about why a joke he told during a staff meeting was sexist. I have a theory that geek enclaves are some of the last bastions of sexism because geeks are not very self aware. I’m probably painting with too broad a brush.

Time On The Meter is about taking my husband for a colonoscopy.  It’s something of a right of passage.