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Illinois State Poetry Contest – Honorable Mention

My poem Today won Second Honorable Mention in the category of Compassion from the Illinois State Poetry Society 2019 contests.  It’s a sestina (a pretty tricky form) which asks that we pay attention to the quieter voices amid the cacophony of keyboard clicks we’re all engendering these days. Now to find a publisher…

The latest Muddy River Review has published two poems of mine.

The Rage Warehouse is about when I worked at MIT and would travel to Boston before work to chant NamMyoHoRengeKyo with the other Buddhists before work.  Returning on Massachusetts Avenue I noticed that the storage warehouse across from MIT’s main entrance had its sign partially occluded and the result looked like “rage warehouse” which seemed a funny concept in light of the rages that sometimes percolated in the area.  The Media Lab where I worked is the subject of very public consternation currently on account of their having taken money from a known rapist.  I remember having a long and not very satisfying conversation with my boss at the time about why a joke he told during a staff meeting was sexist. I have a theory that geek enclaves are some of the last bastions of sexism because geeks are not very self aware. I’m probably painting with too broad a brush.

Time On The Meter is about taking my husband for a colonoscopy.  It’s something of a right of passage.

This collection has arrived!

A nice bunch! My poem “A Last Visit” (Third Prize winner, Connecticut River Review) is the very last poem (which is nice because people often read the first and last poem of a collection).

Reading at Newton Free Library, September 17, 2019

7PM. Come hear this reading with my friends Mary Buchinger and Hilary Sallick. We are on the board of New England Poetry Club together and have been critiquing our poems for one another for many years. We each have our own style but they have been such excellent editors for me. Dear friends, excellent poets.  There will be an open mic afterwards. (Note: The September 10 date was an error.)

Muddy River Poetry Review

I have a poem in the Spring 2019 Issue of this online journal. It’s called A Posthumous Visit to Her Studio and I wrote it after visiting the exhibit of Georgia O’Keefe’s work and artifacts from her studio at the Peabody Essex Museum. In the poem I imagine I’ve visited her actual studio. See also the poems of Mary Buchinger and Hilary Sallick in this issue along with other goodies here.

Reading, June 1, 2019

Reading, June 1, 2019

New England Poetry Club poets reading from 2:30-3PM in the Poetry Tent at the Cambridge River Fest. That’s me, Mary Buchinger and Hilary Sallick! (Also from the Board, Marjorie Schwartz Thomsen at 3-3:45.)